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PTLens 8.7.8

Correct distorted images

PTLens is an excellent application to correct or add distortion to your pictures. You'll be able to apply a fish eye effect, modify perspective, chromatic aberation and vignetting.PTLens also lets you correct barrel-pincushion distortion on a...
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  • by Anonymous

    Fantastic!. I love this plug-in. Very easy to use. I take a lot of architectural photos while traveling, and PTLens makes it easy to correct lens distortions. No more leaning towers except in Pisa! Also, it was great to do business with the licensor of this product. I had difficulty installing the license and contacted him. He emailed me several times with assistance and then refunded me when he t More

  • by Anonymous

    Unfair! You knew trying it would mean I HAD TO HAVE IT.. Wow! Good marketing technique. You knew if I used it I would have to have it. Excellent!!! I'm ordering it now. I've been looking at other software all morning. Wish I had come here first. Great value. Pros: Very intuitive. I guess you could benefit from instructions, but not required. Responsive real time feedback cinches it. Power and simp More

  • by Anonymous

    An absolute must-have utility for product photography, close-ups and more. I am an editor/publisher and do a lot of product photography. Which means close-ups, and dealing with the ever-present barrel distortion present in even good cameras, such as the Canon G10 that I mostly use. PTLens fixes all that barrel distortion, and also lets you "fix" horizontal or vertical perspectiv More