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"An absolute must-have utility for product photography, close-ups and more"

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I am an editor/publisher and do a lot of product photography. Which means close-ups, and dealing with the ever-present barrel distortion present in even good cameras, such as the Canon G10 that I mostly use.

PTLens fixes all that barrel distortion, and also lets you "fix" horizontal or vertical perspective distortion. There's a handy grid to line things up, and it usually takes just a minute or so to convert an embarrassingly distorted image into a winner. As if that weren't enough, PTLens also easily lets you fix the dreaded "purple fringe" still present in many images, and you can also play with fisheye distortion or vignetting.

If you need this functionality, the US$25 it costs is a huge, giant bargain as PTLens can save tons of time and effort in getting pictures up to par. I am surprised Canon or Nikon or the whole lot haven't bought or licensed this gem of a utility yet.

  • Terrific functionality
  • Super-easy to use
  • A total bargain
  • Very flexible
  • Your camera or lens may not be supported (but author creates new ones based on images submitted by users)

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23 Aug 2010

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